EDM Course

EDM, which stands for electronic dance music, includes various music genres like techno, dub techno, trance, house, drum and bass, and more.

For new producers, finishing music productions can feel overwhelming, while others struggle to begin. Online tutorials can be helpful, but there’s great value in taking a structured course taught in person by a trusted expert.

Our EDM training courses consist of twelve sessions, each lasting three hours. These sessions take place in a studio equipped with high-quality ESI speakers and a subwoofer, providing an excellent learning environment.

Learn how to produce, mix, master, publish your music, and start building a fan base from an experienced professional.

During the courses, you will:

Software & Hardware

Familiarize yourself with software and equipment. The software we use is Cubase, FL, and Ableton. Beginners can learn the basics of navigating the software and understand its key features. Intermediate users can get advanced techniques.

Music theory and composition

An understanding of music theory is a significant benefit to your music production. Learn about scales, chords, harmony, and song structure. This knowledge will help you create melodies, chord progressions, and arrangements.

Learn Sound Design

Sound design is an essential aspect of EDM. You will dive into synthesizers and learn how to create and manipulate sounds. Understand the various synthesis methods like subtractive, wavetable, and FM synthesis. Experiment with filters, envelopes, modulation, and effects to shape your sounds.

Understand rhythm and beat-making:

Electronic music heavily relies on rhythmic elements. Learn to create drum patterns using drum machines, samplers, or MIDI programming. Explore different drum sounds and samples. Experiment with variations, dynamics, and layering to create engaging and energetic beats.

Arrangement and Structure

Understand the common arrangement structures in electronic music, such as intro, build-up, drop, breakdown, and outro. Experiment with different song structures and transitions. Use automation to create movement and add interest to your tracks.

Mix and Master

Mixing balances and processes individual elements within a song. Learn how to EQ, compress, and apply effects to create a well-balanced mix. Mastering involves preparing your track for distribution by adjusting the overall volume, adding final touches, and ensuring the production sounds consistent across different playback systems.

Remixing and Mashups

Techniques for remixing existing tracks and creating mashups, including rearranging elements, incorporating new elements, and maintaining the integrity of the original material.

Vocal Production and Effects

Incorporating vocals into EDM tracks, including recording techniques, processing, and creative vocal effects and automation.

Arranging and Mixing with Virtual Instruments

Utilizing virtual instruments and software-based synthesizers to create dynamic and expressive EDM tracks. Incorporating MIDI controllers for live performance and recording automation.

Sampling and Copyright

Understanding the legal and ethical aspects of sampling, copyright implications, and best practices for using sampled material in EDM productions.

Music Promotion and Distribution

Strategies for promoting and distributing EDM tracks, building a fan base, utilizing social media, and exploring opportunities for live performances and collaborations.

Explore Different Sub-genres

EDM is a broad genre with various sub-genres. You will listen to different styles and know their characteristics. Rhythm, sound design, arrangement, and production techniques are all areas for inspection.

Cohort fellowship

You will connect with other producers, participate in feedback sessions and meet like-minded people who share your passion for electronic dance music and you can inspire one another to create. Collaboration and feedback can provide fresh perspectives and help you grow as a producer.

Maksim Khusnullin

Maksim Khusnullin, also known as Grapphire and Savage Kids, is a highly accomplished DJ and music producer with a decade-long career in the electronic music industry. His releases on renowned labels like Elysian Records, Trap Party, Tribal Trap, SKINK, and Darklight Recordings have garnered widespread acclaim.

Maksim has received support and recognition from notable artists such as Hardwell, Don Diablo, Fedde Le Grand, and Nicky Romero. He has held DJ residencies at prestigious venues like “Dom Pechati” and “TeleClub,” the most prominent modern concert venue in the Ural region. Additionally, Maksim was a resident DJ with PLURE, a highly respected Ural EDM/RAVE promo group.

Adding to his impressive portfolio, Maksim has had the honour of supporting esteemed DJ acts, including W&W from the Netherlands (ranked No. 14 by DJMag), MSC Bellecour from France, and KIIDA from Russia, collaborating with GLOBALCLUBBING and Moscow.

Maksim Khusnullin’s journey is a testament to his unwavering passion, dedication, and exceptional talent. With his diverse range of experiences and remarkable accomplishments, he continues to significantly impact the electronic music scene, leaving an indelible mark on listeners and fellow artists alike.

We are thrilled to have Maksim Khusnullin as your instructor in our EDM course, where you will have the opportunity to learn from his wealth of knowledge and expertise. Feel free to check some of his work here.

The Studio

Divo Studio, strategically situated in the city’s vibrant heart at Barsha One, serves as a state-of-the-art recording and mixing facility and a prestigious showroom for the acclaimed Warm Audio recording and mixing hardware, renowned for its award-winning sound. 

Ensuring excellence in studio monitoring, we exclusively rely on ESI products meticulously crafted and engineered in Stuttgart, Germany.

We prioritize a studio environment for our esteemed students, where you can quickly patch into our monitoring system and receive invaluable expert feedback on your productions.

Our commitment to providing an exceptional learning experience extends beyond technical and pedagogical aspects. The studio is thoughtfully furnished with comfortable sofas, creating an inviting atmosphere conducive to focused creativity.

Put an end to the frustration of navigating convoluted tutorials. With our extensive years of expertise, we are dedicated to your production journey, enabling you to confidently and comfortably achieve mastery in your productions and mixes.