Frequently Asked Questions

Live sound is a broad term that encompasses many areas, such as equipment setup or mixing the audio signals to play through speakers, for example.

Rigging (in events) is used to suspend or support speakers or lighting systems above the ground using metallic trusses and chains.

RF(Radiofrequency) in live sound refers to radiofrequency devices that transmit professional audio in real-time, for example, a singer’s wireless microphone.

It’s engineering the live sound! Just kidding. The role of a sound engineer is notoriously difficult to summarize. A brief but imperfect description might read something like this.

A live sound engineer operates audio technology to enhance and redistribute selected sounds in a space. This sentence can not describe all the tasks, options and responsibilities of a live sound engineer, but it does summarize in a very general way.

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A six month live sound City & Guilds certificate is AED 30,000.

For this will have:

  • Access and experience the best professional audio technology in the world.
  • Structured guidance by experienced live sound engineers
  • A guaranteed internship with one of our live sound partners

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As in many areas of employment, here in the UAE, the answer will depend on various factors. For consideration is; your experience, area of expertise, nature of the job itself, your qualifications, and in many cases, your nationality. That said, in the UAE, a sound engineer’s salary can range from beginner working for free, then a starting salary could be AED 7000 per month, up to AED15,000 for mid-size companies.

Sometimes engineers are freelance and can charge around AED1000 per day, but again an experienced person can charge up to AED2000 per day, including flights, accommodation, and food budget!