Studio recording and mixing

Our music technology / audio production pathway is the gateway to:

Crisp-sounding recordings, Audio mixing and production skills, Record your voice, Mastering skills, Better sounding content, Sound for picture.

In partnership with newly opened Divo Studio Barsha one. From beginner to advanced, we bring you recording, mixing, mastering, and production – in comfort and style. 

This is pathway is totally practical with Pro Tools software, and Warm audio hardware for hybrid studio experience. 

Option 1 (Studio Sound)

  • Introduction to Studio Production
  • Analog Outboard Gear Essentials
  • Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and Workflow
  • Recording Techniques for Audio Engineers
  • Mixing Strategies and Hybrid Approach
  • Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Conversion
  • Advanced Signal Processing Techniques
  • Mastering Principles for Audio Engineers
  • Synthesizers and Sound Design in Production
  • Vocal Production and Processing
  • Real-world Production Case Studies
  • Studio Setup and Career Development

All students receive:

  • Certification from School of Sound for technical installations LLC | Registered with the government of Dubai

Option 2 (Sound to picture)

  • Introduction to Sound Design and Audio Post-Production
  • Fundamentals of Acoustics and Sound Waves
  • Microphones and Recording Techniques
  • Editing and Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)
  • Sound Effects and Foley Artistry
  • Dialogue Editing and ADR
  • Music Composition and Scoring
  • Sound Mixing Principles
  • Spatial Audio
  • Audio Post-Production for Film and TV
  • Podcast and Broadcast Audio
  • Career Opportunities and Industry Insights
Audio Post Production at the AcademyOfSoundDxb

For sound to picture – Pro Tools is still the world best software.

You will leave with content for your showreel! 

85% discount on Pro Tools 

Post course support

Terms and Conditions apply

Session Musicians

Studio Production and live sound pathways come with guest session musicians. The art of great recording requires great artists. At Academy of Sound Dxb you can expect to record with professional musicians and learn from trainers with REAL world experience.

It’s one thing to create art, but to make a living out of it – is another thing altogether.

Experienced Trainers

Recording, mixing and mastering are taught by Academy of Sound founder and industry veteran Andrew James Ward.

Every Session Hands on

You have access to Warm Audio studio gear. Every session is practical.

Industry partner:

All our students get a 10% discount with the Music Majlis (T&Cs apply)

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